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Lentil ¥820
Beans soup

Mulukhiy ¥980
Egyptian vegetable soup

Chicken Cream ¥850
White cream soup

Beef leg ¥1,200
Nourishing broth

Nefertiti Salad

Fresh vegetable with special dressing.

Hummus ¥820
Chick pea paste.

Tahini ¥820
Sesame seed paste.

Papaganoko ¥820
Eggplants and lemon paste

Taboule ¥890
Salad of parsley and couscous.

Falafel ¥820
Ground spiced fava bean cakes.

Fuul Midammis

Stew of fava beans with extra virgin olive oil.

Spinach ¥980
Stewed with spinach and lamb with tomato souse.

Bamya ¥1,200
Okra stewed in a garlic ,tomato souse.

Ratatouille Egyptian Style ¥1,200
Stewed with vegetables and tomato souse.


Shish Kabob ¥1,800
Char grilled lamb&vegetables.

Kufta Mashwiy

Char grilled comminuted meat.

Grilled Kabob ¥1,800
Char grilled marinated fresh chicken.

Rasch Mashwiya

Char grilled lamb chop.

Hamam Mahshi

Pigeon served stuffed with rice.

Mashwiya Combination

Mix of Shish Kabob,Kofta,Chicken and Lamb chop.


Grilled Nile Perch

Grilled Nile Perch with mustard souse.

Samak Mashwi

Grilled today’s fish with garlic olive souse.


Taggen Samak

Oven baked fried sole fillet in a tomato souse.

Gambari Iskandrani

Oven baked shrinps with tomato souse.

Chicken Cream Souse

Oven baked chicken with white cream souse.

Musa'ah ¥1,800
Casserole of eggplant and potato with tomato souse.

Egyptian Enchilada

Cheese souse on the crape rolled with the beef.

Couscous with Beef and Beans souse

The beef topping on couscous.


Kushari ¥1,200
Rice and beans and macaroni mix with tomato souse.

Wara'anib ¥1,400
Grape leaves stuffed with seasoned rice.

Dolma Combination

Some Vegetable stuffed with seasoned rice.


Um Aly ¥720
Egyptian traditional hot dessert.

Baklava ¥690
Nuts stuffed baklava layered with fillo dough drizzled honey.

Konafa ¥690
Baked shredded fillo dough with chopped drizzled in honey.

Basbosa ¥690
Traditional butter baked cake.

■Middle-East Alcohols
Almaza(Beer/Lebanon) ¥850
Boukha(Liquor/Tunisia) ¥860
Ksarak(Liquor/Lebanon)  ¥980
SoltanRouge(Red Wine/Tunisia) ¥5,180
Soltan Blanc(White Wine/Tunisia) ¥5,180
Draft Beer ¥700
Heineken ¥820
Corona Extra ¥820
■Original Cocktails ¥880
Lawrence of Sahara
Belly Dance
We have other Standard Cocktails.
Shiraz ¥3.980
Chianti Classico ¥4、980
Egypt ¥6、980
Chardonnay ¥3、980
Chianti Classico ¥4、980
Egypt ¥6、980
Moet&Chandon ¥9、980
Veuve Clicquot ¥12、180
■Soft Drinks
Mint Tea ¥680
Hibiscus Tea ¥780
Arabic Coffee ¥680
Pomegranate Juice ¥780
Cherry Juice ¥780
Orange Juice ¥780
Cinnamon Hot Milk ¥680
Hot Milk with Nuts ¥680
Perrier ¥680
Oolong Tea ¥650
Cola ¥650
Ginger Air ¥650
Mineral Water ¥550

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